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The Action Group Network is a nationwide network of action groups dedicated to moving the country progressively forward in the wake of a divisive election. We aim to:

  • Encourage the formation of ground-up, community-based action groups
  • Facilitate organizers by providing training and support to group leaders
  • Inform action groups of work being done by larger organizations and each other
  • Connect groups to each other, and to the work being done by legacy organizations in their communities

We are primarily a resource to people wanting to form or join action groups, or for groups looking for the support and amplification opportunities of a larger network. We do not aim to dictate the agenda of any group. Each action group will work independently. They neither speak for nor act in the name of any other group or organization, including the Action Group Network.

We do ascribe, however, to the principles of inclusivity and respect. Any group or individual which engages in communication or actions we deem to be racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or in any way bigoted or aggressive, will not be welcome here.

We believe that a politically conscious and active citizenry is the best hope for a progressive future. We hope that you and others in your community will work together to build that future.