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ACTION GROUP NETWORK was founded in 2016 to promote civic engagement by empowering, training, and connecting local action groups.

OUR GOAL: To support and amplify civic engagement. We facilitate cooperation and resource access for and among groups and organizations. We support access to training, networking, and amplification and try to facilitate relationships with front line communities and legacy organizations.

WHAT IS AN ACTION GROUP? A group of individuals organized by location, issue, or profession who commit to working together toward concrete action items important to them. Besides the action groups formed through AGN, we work with a range of partners and independent groups who are also committed to supporting and enhancing our democracy. Our primary project in this work is ActLocal.

WHAT IS ACTLOCAL: ActLocal was established to help build connective tissue and support cooperation among progressive leaders. For more, visit

HOW DO I CONNECT? Sign up by clicking the JOIN button above and filling out the form. You can find groups to join on our groups page, or email us directly if you need help connecting. If you already have a group, sign up at our groups page.