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Group Successes

Groups’ Successes

“We are committed to making this group powerful. We know that will take some time and effort, and it will be easier when we get to know one another more. Let’s encourage each other. Let’s hold each other accountable. Let’s make change. Each one of us is instrumental and powerful in this process.” — Los Angeles Racial Justice Action Group


Affecting positive and long lasting change is no small feat. Action groups are getting involved in their communities in the best ways possible.

Read on to learn more about our groups’ successes and efforts in their various spaces.


Collective Agency
New York, NY

Collective Agency formed from creatives that came to the very first Action Group Network meetup in Brooklyn NY, days after the 2016 election. Since then, they’ve grown to 200+ creatives across the country – designers, directors, writers, actors, animators, musicians, among others.

The Collective Agency team (Formerly The Resistance Media Collective) has had millions of views for their videos, live-streams, animations, graphics, branding campaigns and social media strategies for large organizations like Indivisible, Women’s March and Win Virginia as well as for small grass roots organizations throughout the country. Check out this feature on CA in Adweek 2019!

Demand The Vote
Los Angeles, CA and St. Louis, MO

When Caroline from Forward Together in Action and Corinne from Demand The Vote first spoke, the big goals were to produce educative media on voting rights/voter ID law, while also working on messaging that combats voting “fraud” myths for Missouri voters. Caroline felt radio PSAs were the most effective means of communication to educate voters when the new ID laws went into effect in June. One member, April Wolfe, a writer for LA Weekly, was able to turn several spots around within a couple hours. Caroline recorded/produced them in her home studio and they were on the air the next week. They also sent it to their peers at other radio groups in St Louis. Caroline contacted Missourinet and they agreed to air it on their network of 60 stations. Talk about impressive! And it doesn’t stop there. Next up, the groups hope to create a PSA that will be implemented nationwide encouraging people not to unregister, making sure they hang on to their right to vote, that their vote matters now more than ever. Click here to check out their PSAs.

SPOTLIGHT On the First Amendment
Los Angeles, CA

”Inspired by the current administration’s bold attacks on climate science and gutting of Obama-era environmental protections, SPOTLIGHT on the First Amendment is partnering with a non-profit organization that supports high-quality, accurate reporting by 1250 professional journalists covering the environment and climate change. SPOTLIGHT is in the early production planning stages of a public service announcement that will highlight the increasing importance of access to credible, authentic journalism based on information collected from verifiable sources.” — Emily, Group Leader

Register Blue
Los Angeles, CA

“Register Blue has been focused on voter registration and drives, all with an eye on flipping red districts in 2018. A big wave of new activists are now up to speed on voter registration and have already helped register hundreds of new Dems in Southern California and beyond. ‘When they vote red, we register blue!’” Register Blue helped host several Resistance Boot Camps, resulting in increased training, enthusiasm and coordination leading up to big wins in CA in 2018! — Will, Group Leader

The American Anti-Corruption Act
Austin, TX

“I am the group leader for anti-corruption / government reform in Austin, and I am currently working to pass the American Anti-Corruption Act in the city of Austin (and hopefully in other parts of Texas as well eventually).” — Jared, Group Leader

Progressive Social Network
Lebanon County, PA

“Since our founding in November 2016, our mission is to champion progressive advocacy and service in Lebanon County, PA and its surrounding areas. Our first initiative was to organize a bus trip to the Women’s March on Washington on January 21. In February we organized a postcard signing party and a huddle, as part of the Women’s March 10 actions in 100 days. We were thrilled at the turnout and how willing our members are to engage with each other and the community. In April we hosted a health care town hall meeting for our congressional districts, even though our reps didn’t show up! We are also planning a June community LGBTQ Colloquium.” –Aimee, Co-Founder

New York, NY

“The Immigration Action Group has partnered with the NY Youth Leadership Council to produce a Safety Action Video, encouraging people at risk for deportation to create a family plan in the event they are detained or deported. In collaboration with another AGN group, the Resistance Media Collective, we shot English and Arabic versions of the video; we are also hoping to shoot the film in Haitian Creole, Spanish, and Mandarin. The film will be part of a nationwide effort to motivate immigrant populations to take control over their affairs and protect their families. We have created Know Your Rights handouts in Spanish and English and have been giving Safety Planning presentations at NYC-area schools, community centers, and even at the Wholesale Flower Market!” — Lauren, Founder

Anti Islamophobia Group
Los Angeles, CA

“AGN’s Anti-Islamophobia Group in Los Angeles and the NYC Resistance Media Collective created Immigrant/Muslim videos using the power of storytelling to express the new fears and backlash many Muslims face in today’s America. The first series of PSAs were co-produced and created for The Seventh Art Stand’s nation-wide series of film screenings and discussions combating Islamophobia.

Seventh Art Stand is an act of cinematic solidarity with countries affected by the travel ban and will take place in May 2017, with over 50 locations in 20 states. The PSAs will air before the screenings.” — Azita, Founder

Ed Act Now
Los Angeles, CA

“Ed Act Now is a group of educators and media professionals in Los Angeles focusing on resisting the Trump administration and promoting Progressive Education policy, through political action and targeted media – including phone banking for local progressive candidates, and collaborating on an animated PSA.” — Richard, Group Leader

NTAG (North Texas Action Group)
North Texas – Collin County

“Don’t believe everything you hear about Texas! The North Texas Action Group (NTAG) had 50 people come to our first meeting! We formed small groups, to focus on several specific areas of reform: state and local government, healthcare, immigration, and voting rights.

The Environmental NTAG has become involved with our local Sierra Club, investigated an unreported oil pipeline leak in Blue Ridge, Texas, and promoted environmental awareness at a Good Friday Social Justice March in downtown Dallas, and on Earth Sunday at a local Presbyterian Church.

The Social Justice NTAG protested at a fundraiser for Ted Cruz. He talked briefly with them until they disagreed with his answer to their question of why he refuses to hold a Town Meeting. This same small but mighty group has created and distributed scripts to call legislators about the underreported Heidi Group which has been awarded $1.6 million to provide centers as an ‘alternative’ Planned Parenthood.

NTAG Social Justice group has created and distributed scripts to call legislators about our infamous ‘bathroom bill,’ currently being debated in our state legislature. There’s still plenty of work to be done.

The Education/State and Local Issues NTAG researched all candidates for our local elections and posted to our blog. They also asked all NTAG members to influence 10 additional voters!” —Patty, Group Leader