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Q: What is the Action Group Network?

ACTION GROUP NETWORK was formed in response to the election on November 8th to motivate and facilitate a culture of action and civic engagement through local in-person gatherings. AGN works to support action groups of all sizes and issue focuses. Action Group Network believes strongly in the importance of connecting across silos and boundaries. We encourage and support newly formed groups to connect to established activists and organizations. Please see our mission page for more.

Q: What is an action group?
An action group is 10-50 individuals who meet regularly and work towards tangible, social progress by working on specific, targeted, and themed issues in their area.

Q: I’m interested in volunteering.
A: If you’re interested in volunteering, please reach out to our Program Director, Autumn, at: Put “Volunteering” and your city and state in the subject line. (e.g. Volunteering, New York, NY)

Q: I’m interested in leading a group.
If you’re interested in leading a small group of 10-50 people in your area working on a specific action or topic, fill out our form on the groups page, or email us directly at We’ll be in touch shortly!

Q: I’m interested in joining a group.
Great! You can learn more about our action groups that are already formed by clicking here. Just email the group leader and they’ll be in touch.

Q: What groups exist in my city and state?
You can check out all of our groups by city and state by clicking here. More groups and a thorough directory coming soon!

Q: When are you having a meet-up in my city?
Our first phase of meet-up gatherings happened in 15 states. We are now focused on supporting collaboration and cooperation with ActL! If you want to suggest a city and/or volunteer to be the point person for your city, email us at We appreciate your patience and we deal with a high volume of requests!

Q: What if I don’t see my city and state?
We are working with partners to create a comprehensive directory of groups. For now, please also check out

Q: I’m interested in a job opportunity with AGN.
A: That’s great, thanks for thinking of us! At the moment, we aren’t actively hiring, but we are a growing organization, and please feel free to send us your resume if you would like us to consider you should openings come up. Email with “JOB APPLICATION” in the subject line.

Q: Who are those fabulous people on your homepage?
A: Those are our action groups! Send us your pictures to
Image 1 (Group): Artivists Into Action (photo by Sye Williams)
Image 2 (Duo): Artivists Into Action (photo by Nancy Walters)
Image 3 (Group): Resistance Media Collective
Image 4 (ACTION): Stage set-up before our 2016 meet-up in Los Angeles, California

Q: I have another question!
Still need help? Email with questions and we’ll get back to you shortly. Thank you for supporting Action Group Network!